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I don’t know exactly anymore how old I was. I guess I was eleven or twelve years old. That would be 1985 or 1986, maybe even 1987, but that doesn’t matter. What I do know is that one particular device changed my life like no other. My first computer. Or better: My first personal computer. That’s what it was officially called, even before it became known under various mocking names like “bread box”. For me and millions of other kids in the wealthy countries of the world it was just called the C-64. Back then I didn’t know that device would change my life – till today.

Games like The last Ninjy, Giana Sisters, Summer & Wintergames or Turrican were all played until my fingers started to ache. I could sustain the supply of new games by getting into a group. Soon a little business was born and I hardly had time for playing because I had to satisfy a lot of “customers”.

Over time the wish to program something myself became greater and greater. First little projects for our group using the S.E.U.C.K. were mildly successful. More than a few FAKE games never came out of it. The biggest misapprehension surely was Giana Sisters 3. Because we always needed music for intros etc. I began to work with the sound monitor by Chris Hülsbeck and discovered my love for music. Over the years I built a small “basement studio”. Equipped with an Atari 1024ST and the Steinberg 24 – and various synthesizers, effect devices like the Roland MT32 and a mixing console – I was occupied with making music. Inspired by Chris Hülsbeck, Depeche Mode and Camouflage I indulged in this hobby until I got 19 or 20. Because I needed money I sold everything and moved on for the time being.

In the following years the world of computers changed dramatically and all the time I thought back to the “good ol’ days”. 2008 then marked the day of my return. I began to experiment with the different programming languages for games, bought a keyboard and tried to work on some little projects. Not very easy when time is scarce. However I could complete a few games and music creations. The quality of my work still left much room for improvement, but till today it is great fun – and that’s what’s most important to me…

Much fun on my pages!


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